Chris Sanderson | User experience designer

Seventeen years experience

Seventeen years experience as a designer and developer has taken me on a fascinating journey learning the intricacies of an exciting and rapidly changing industry whilst managing and adapting to clients often complex requirements and expectations.

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Why pixels aren’t enough

The digital design community consists of a wealth of talented designers and coders. Standing out from the crowd is harder than ever today. Which is why I focus on much more than just pixel perfection and clean code. Discover what I do.

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Recent work

Working on a freelance basis and for the digital design agency Headscape* the following case studies walk you through a selection of carefully crafted projects that have inspired and helped shape each client's digital vision.

* Until February 2015.

From ecommerce start-ups to multinationals, charities to established universities, each client I work with is encouraged to get involved in the design process to deliver a collaborative, user-focused product. Most importantly it's an adaptable approach that fits around how much time they have to spend.

What I do

I make websites, digital products, develop brands and provide related consultancy services.

What do I focus on?

Designers are responsible for some of the most achingly beautiful websites and user interfaces. Sadly though the user is often forgotten in this process. Confusing navigation or inaccessible content for the sake of pleasing the designer is an approach that’s doomed to failure. I design and build highly usable and accessible products that are intuitive, engaging and a pleasure to use without sacrificing innovation.

What makes me tick?

Variety! Involving a designer in every aspect of a project can reap huge rewards which is why on large-scale projects I provide support with proposals, pitches, workshops, usability testing, training, consultancy and project management. It helps build a closer working relationship with the client and a greater understanding of their needs. The client receives a polished product and an understanding of how and why they should build upon this in the future to meet their users constantly evolving needs.

Chris Sanderson